Carlton draught

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Carlton draught
Alcohol Content 4.6%
Beer Type Full Strength Pale Lager
Container stubbie (375ml)
can (375ml)
longneck (800ml)

Staple Australian beer, brewed by Fosters, Often available on tap at pubs. Also available in stubbies, cans and long necks.

Alcohol content was reduced from 5.0% to 4.6% in 2003, due to an increase in tax on alcohol.

Carlton Draught stubbies include trivia under the bottle cap. Examples include:

Q. If you were osculating, what would you be doing?
A. Kissing

Q. Laser, Tornado, Star, Finn and Mistral are types of?
A. Yachts

Q. How many gold medals did Ian Thorpe win at the 2002 Commonwealth Games?
A. 6

Q. How many players take the court for a netball team?
A. 7

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