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Fosters is an Australian brewing company, based in Victoria. Fosters also encompassess CUB (Carlton and United Breverages (formally Brewery)). Since the purchase of CUB, they are the largest brewary in Australia.

Carlton Black[edit]

Alcohol Content 4.4%
Type Full Strength ale
Container stubbie (375ml)
on tap
Energy 156kj/100ml

Carlton Black is a relativley new beer, brought to market to try and combat the declining sales due to increased presence and the price drop of imported beer.

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Carlton Cold[edit]

Alcohol Content 4.0%
Type Full strength lager
Container stubbie (375ml)
Energy 155kj/100ml

Carlton Cold was launched in the early 90's. It is affectionaly known as "The White Death", due to the cheap and bitter taste.

In April 2009, the alcohol content was dropped from 4.6% to 4.0%, where it currently remains. This is a huge kick in the face to beer drinkers and only occurred to allow the brewer to save on tax but not pass on the savings.

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Carlton Draught[edit]

Alcohol Content 4.6%
Type Full Strength pale lager
Container stubbie (375ml)
can (375ml)
longneck (800ml)

This beer is Fosters stable beer. It is often provided at Australian parties, available on tape at most Australian pubs, and the beer of choice when imported or premium beer is too expensive.

The alcohol content was reduced from 5.0% to 4.6% in 2003. This was due to an increase in the excise (tax) levied on alcohol by the Federal Government. Fosters had a choice - reduce the alcohol or increase the price. As Carlton Draught is a stable beer for Fosters, increasing the price would have been suicide. So, the alcohol content was reduced by 0.4%. A similar change happened with Fosters VB in 2007, although for different reasons.

Carlton Draught stubbies include trivia under the bottle cap. Examples include:

Q. If you were osculating, what would you be doing?
A. Kissing

Q. Laser, Tornado, Star, Finn and Mistral are types of?
A. Yachts

Q. How many gold medals did Ian Thorpe win at the 2002 Commonwealth Games?
A. 6

Q. How many players take the court for a netball team?
A. 7

More examples here

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Carlton Dry[edit]

Alcohol Content 4.5%
Type Full premium strength lager
Container stubbie (355ml)
Energy 139kj/100ml

Carlton's attempt at brewing a dry beer, which has probably come about due to the increased popolarity in Australia for beers such as Asahi

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Carlton Mid[edit]

Alcohol Content 3.5%
Type Mid strength lager
Container stubbie (375ml)
can (375ml)
on tap
Energy 152kj/100ml

This is Foster's mid strength beer offering.

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