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Most Australian beers are considered "non-premium". Notable exceptions are Crown Lager and Hahn

The main Victorian beers are the Fosters line and in NSW the Tooheys line. Most pubs will be licensed to sell either one of these lines of beer on tap - the main exception being Heineken.

Tasmanian beers are arguably the best beers brewed in Australia - mainly due to the superior water quality in the island state. Notably, Hahn, Cascade and James Boag's. Some will argue South Australian beer is a close second, but that is my no means the general consensus. Coopers is well worth drinking though.

Australian breweries[edit]

Tasmanian beer[edit]

J Boag son[edit]

  • James Boag's Premium Lager
  • James Boag's Premium Light
  • Boag's Draught
  • Boag's St George
  • Boag's Classic Blonde
  • Boag's 1881 Traditional Ale
  • Boag's Wizard Smith ale
  • Boag's Draught Light
  • Boag's Strongarm Bitter
  • Boag's XXX Ale
  • Boag's Honey Porter
  • Boag's Classic Bitter
  • Tasman Bitter
  • Hammer 'n Tongs


NSW beer[edit]

Barons Brewing[edit]

Queensland beer[edit]

Castlemaine Perkins[edit]

South Australian beer[edit]


Victorian beer[edit]

Fosters - includes CUB[edit]

Based in Abbostford, in the inner North East suburbs of Melbourne.

Grand Ridge Brewery[edit]

Ballarat Brewing Company[edit]

Micro Breweries[edit]

    • Pale Ale
    • Pilsener
    • Roger's Beer
    • Bright Ale
  • Red Hill

Australian Retailers[edit]

Glass types and sizes[edit]

Glass: 200ml
Pot/middy: 285ml
Schooner: 425ml
Pint: 570ml
Jug: 1140ml

Annual consumption[edit]

Australian's drink an average of 109.9L of beer per year, making them the 4th biggest consumer of beer.

Legal drinking age[edit]

The legal drinking age in all states of Australia is 18.

Legal driving limit[edit]

Fully qualified drivers in Australia must have a BAC of less than 0.05. Drivers holding a Learners Permit or Probationary Licence must have a BAC of 0.00 (ie, no alcohol - although in WA the limit for Probationary drivers is 0.02).